Gentle Care

I’ve worked to perfect the art of gentle care.  Comfort is our first goal in an atmosphere of acceptance and kindness.  If having dental work done doesn’t bother you – terrific!  I’ll make sure dentistry continues to be a pleasant experience.

Many people are anxious about dental care!  I try to understand a patient’s concerns and make dental care easy.

How we help is different for different people.

  • I am good at getting people numb.  You will NOT feel pain here!
  • I write prescriptions for many of our patients to take safe medications to help them relax
  • We offer free Nitrous oxide – also known as ‘laughing gas’ or ‘sweet air’. Nitrous oxide is relaxing but so safe that the patient can drive home after the appointment.I give many patients prescriptions for minor tranquilizers to use prior to treatment
  • I discover what it is that makes a person anxious – is it fear of the unknown? Fear of needles? Fear of pain? I know how to help the many areas that cause anxiety during dental care.

How can you help yourself be less anxious?

  • If you see me, you’ve picked a dentist who has the time and experience to consider and help your concerns.
  • It’s helpful to eat a light meal before you come in, but if you forget, we have snacks!
  • Wear loose comfortable clothes; if you’re cold, we have blankets!
  • Ask questions – we’re happy to take the time to help you understand your care; if too much, information frightens you, we’ll only tell you what you need to know.

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